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General practitioner services now available in Warriewood Square.

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Welcome to Elm Rd.

Welcome to Elm Rd., a medical centre built around your needs, serving the communities of Warners Bay and Warriewood.

Your local community is where you feel most at home. It’s where you raise your kids, relax after work or enjoy your retirement.

Elm Rd. makes convenient, accessible and proactive healthcare part of your neighbourhood.

We’re more than a medical centre. We don’t just offer a script and a certificate. We take time to get to know you.

We’re here for you through the changing seasons of life.

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Our Health Services

General Practitioners

General Practitioners

Elm Rd’s GPs seek to maximise your wellbeing and alleviate the distress caused by ill-health.



Warners Bay will have radiology services on-site, providing you fast and convenient access.


Allied Health

Warners Bay will provide  various allied health services including physiotherapy and radiography. 

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Aug 3 2020

Men’s Health Matters Too

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Aug 3 2020

Let’s Talk Lung Disease

Lung disease is any problem in the lungs that prevents the lungs from working properly. There are three ...
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